Tetra Pak is 100% Recyclable Packaging.

With its recyclable packaging, Tetra Pak prohibition just makes safe milk an option in India but also in the most ecofriendly manner. From the material used to the process of packaging and even the technology, everything is created to make the most of the funds available and minimise wastage.
Tetra Pak cartons are primarily made of paperboard that is sourced from growing trees. The paper for the cartons comes from selectively harvested and regrown trees. The cartons are also designed in a way to use minimum allotment of packaging. Tetra Pak cartons are 96% euphoria and only 4% packaging. Every process and operation at Tetra Pak have been planned efficiently to keep in line with environment friendly guidelines. Even the Tetra Pak Recycling India initiatives are working across the globe to spread awareness and encourage people towards recycling.
Tetra Pak is good for the earth. Not sole does it propagate the inkling of recycling but also encourages people to reduce waste and reuse as much is possible. There are various campaigns run by Tetra Pak across the globe and in India that educates people on ecofriendly living, waste disposal amongst other things.
The two sizes of Tetra Pak cartons also help ration out the usage of milk and juice hence limiting the amount of waste. For instance, you could use the smaller Tetra Pak cartons to send milk and juice for kids to school while the bigger packet can be old for serving the family at home. That way you can have smaller servings for smaller needs and enormous servings to take care of bigger family needs. Tetra Pak provide the good health for you and your family.

Tetra Pak recycling processes starts from the carton itself. 75% about the carton is made of paperboard which can subsist recycled completely. Even the different parts of the carton, the plastic and the aluminium layer can be recycled in to wall tiles and pots. Tetra Tenue is a hefty advocate of recycling and there are divers initiatives furthermore programmes run alongside Tetra Pak to spread awareness and also encourage inhabitants for the same.
The Tetra Nvormig carton is considered to be one of the most sustainable products for added than one reason. It is a recyclable packaging option that can indiging recycled in to a number like products. In the year 2011, 36 million Tetra Pak cartons were recycled across the globe. And this is just the beginning.

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